Hello and welcome to Alqemy Apparel! We are a fashion brand  that believes in creating fashion with a message. Our company was started in September 2017 with our Founder: Brendon James and Co-Owner: Jemma Bliss and since then we have put our heart and soul into it.

We are a fashion brand that focuses on creating quality and unique clothing that is better for our environment and the people around us. We believe in the unification of people and the only way to achieve this is to band together as a unit. No matter your race, gender, beliefs or nationality we can all find a common ground. We believe that just like the science of Alchemy, we can come together as a collective to build something greater. Our clothes are a means of expression and spreading our message of unity. By wearing Alqemy Apparel you are sending a message to the world that you stand for all things positive and are seeking to change the negativity that we see in every day life. Every garment made by Alqemy Apparel uses Eco Friendly techniques to lower our carbon footprint and in a Fair Trade facility. So, join Alqemy Apparel on our mission to spread love, joy and peace among all and be sure to tell your friends about us. Check out our About Us video here.


Our mission at Alqemy Apparel is to provide excellent quality garments and help those in need, through donations. We pledge to donate a “Super Hero Bag” to a homeless person for each item that we sell. Together we can be the “Sidekick” that gives out the utility bags which will help the person in need become the Super Hero they truly are. Whenever you purchase anything from Alqemy Apparel, know that you are helping another person. Each bag comes with toiletries, water, a gift card, personal note of encouragement and various information about programs in the area for work, education and housing. We know that with YOUR help, we can make a positive change in society and watch a hero take flight.