What does the “Dad Shoe” Mean to Streetwear?

Adidas by Raf SimonsBlack Ozweego III lace-up sneakers dad shoe


First off, let me say that these opinions are mine and mine alone lol. Having said that, the trendy “dad shoe” has really lifted my spirits as far as sneakers go. As an avid sneaker head my closet will forever be filled with Lebrons, Jordans, Huaraches, New Balance etc. So, the addition of the “dad shoe” was a very welcomed to the collection. I think that breaking the cycle and causing a disruption is what streetwear culture is all about. I mean its fine to be a hypebeast and only rock the newest mega brand clothes and shoes since thats your voice, BUT in my opinion thats not the culture. The culture of streetwear comes with individuality and going against the status quo, NOT just wearing “status” pieces. I personally welcome all things that challenge the norm (except the romphim lol). Now I know you’re saying “but you just named all of the popular shoes in your closet hypocrite!”. Thats true, a lot of the shoes in my closet are popular but you’ll also find a mint pair of Rodeos from SNKR Project in there too and a menagerie of other shoes.

So the big question. What does the “dad shoe” mean to streetwear? Answer: Progression

In the coming years you’ll start to see a lot of status quo breakers and that will be good for everyone. Thats the reason that I fell in love with streetwear in the first place. Streetwear allowed me to be myself and express myself however i saw fit. Whether it was wearing my favorite sneakers, painted denim jackets, pink shirts  or plaid socks I was comfortable being myself in my own shoes. Chunky or not.

Id love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you love or hate “dad shoes”? Go here to check out a few other examples of “dad shoes”. And click here for the perfect shirt to wear with those sick Raf Simons above. 🙂


Brendon James

Founder: Alqemy Apparel

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