Death of Streetwear?

Death of Streetwear?
Streetwear Brands. Alqemy Apparel Blog Post. “Death of Streetwear?”


So USA Today posted an article/video a day ago titled “Streetwear Fashion Moves From Back Alley To Main Street” which was kind of upsetting, hence the title “Death of Streetwear?”. First of all the title of it threw me off by saying that streetwear was moving from the “back alley”, which to me implies that streetwear is a “lower form” of fashion. Streetwear has and always will be the ultimate form of expression and sets so many standards in todays world its unbelievable. Instead of giving streetwear its props for breaking boundaries in fashion and realizing that streetwear has a unique history of its own, it has been reduced. Seemingly like a “backhanded compliment”.  In my opinion and the opinion of many around me, streetwear is to fashion what hip-hop is to music. An alternative to common thinking that deserves respect.

I just hope that the fashion big dogs like the The Carlyle Group don’t come in and make a mockery of streetwear and try to turn it into the Kids Bop of fashion. We’ve fought too hard and worked too hard as streetwear enthusiasts to let them do that. Now, I know I don’t have as much clout to make a big dent in anything BUT as a whole we can definitely make some noise. Im not saying that Tom Ford won’t put out some dope streetwear pieces but him doing so shouldn’t mean that streetwear is on another level. By now you may think that I hate the concept of high street brands getting into streetwear but thats not the case. I just hope for the cultures sake that when they do, they show a certain level of respect for the O.G.s of the game like Supreme, Bape and The Hundreds. Long live streetwear.


Rant over.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear what you have to say about this.

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