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Hello All! By the time you read this, Alqemy has finally been published after a long long wait. We can only rightly begin by saying THANK YOU! Thank you all for your support, feedback and generally being there for us as we went through this process. We hope that we have kept up to your expectations and we promise that we will bring you a lot more. We will take your information and suggestions to heart and implement them the best way possible to bring you the ultimate experience and best products possible. No amount of words can express the gratitude we have for each and every one of you. We’re happy that you share our vision, which is to bring the world TOGETHER. Alqemy means to us that no matter your, race, religion, location, sexuality or whatever, we all have a common ground as long as we try to find it. We would also like to thank our team for helping to pull all of the puzzle pieces together. Now. Lets grow together!


-Brendon and Jemma

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Looks good!

Thank you so much!

Alqemy Apparel! Wow! I’m so proud of what Alqemy Apparel stands for, as well as the realization and manifestation of the dream that was born many years ago. I get a sense of pride, joy, worth, expectation, love, determination and motivation everytime I wear Alqemy! Thank you for providing quality and affordable clothing that has such a meaningful and impactful impression on all who wears your clothing! Alqemy. More than clothes. Expression!

Thank you! We really appreciate your support and encouragement and are so happy that you share our views. Our hope is to keep you and people like you around, and take you along on this journey of UNITY with us.

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