How To Get Your Brand To Celebrities AND On TV

Want to know How To Get Your Brand To Celebrities AND On TV? I will give every detail possible on the steps we here at Alqemy Apparel took to make that a reality!

If y0u are a fashion designer, shoe maker, jewelry designer or any other type of maker you can make this happen. Of course who wouldn’t love to see their clothes worn by their favorite celebrity and on national TV no less?! For us it all started out with listening to our favorite speaker, Gary Vaynerchuck. (If you’ve never heard any of his stuff your’e in luck, click the link) While listening to Gary’s teachings one day he was talking about how it all goes down in the DM (Direct Message). Years ago it wasn’t possible to have such direct access to so many decision makers. But, with the growth of social media and people putting themselves on the forefront its not entirely unlikely that you would be chatting it up with a celeb on a daily basis.

So, after listening to what Gary had to say, we immediately set out to contact as many of our favorite celebrities as we could. Now I must mention that it would be in your best interest to do your research first. Don’t just try and contact people just for their names sake if you want to create a REAL lasting professional relationship, and later on it may turn into a friendship. This is where we contacted Irv Gotti, one of musics most famous record producers who worked with the likes of Ja Rule, Ashanti, DMX, and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. And of course since I had been already following and commenting on nearly all of his posts, my name was familiar. Over the previous weeks of following Irv I learned that he was getting ready to produce a new TV show on BET called Tales. Tales on BET is a series that uses popular story telling hip hop songs and makes them into full hour long episodes. GENIUS! Check it out if you haven’t already. Tuesdays at 9pm ET.

Once contact was made with Irv, I simply gave him his props and told him how much of a fan I am of his work and asked him if I could send him some clothing from my brand. The following sentence made my day! “Yea, just hit up ****. She is the stylist for the show and will give you the details.” My eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and my skin flushed and got goose bumps I was so excited. I rushed home after getting all of the size requirements and sent a whole box of clothes to the address I was given. And then……… This is where a lot of people would start to lose faith, give up or start sending a barrage of emails and texts to their celeb. DO NOT DO THIS! Patience here is key, and that patience is what kept me going. You have to remember that celebrities get free stuff all the time and they are super busy so they cant just immediately put your stuff on and give you a shout out. Just keep checking their profiles and scrolling the internet for pics of them and see what happens. My situation took approximately 6 months before I saw anything. Keep the faith in your brand, make sure its relevant to your target and PATIENCE. In the mean time keep working on your business and keep building. It will all be worth it in the long run if your’e really serious about what your’e doing.


  1. Thoroughly research your favorite celebrities.
  2. Contact them via email or phone (most have these in their profile bio for business inquiries)
  3. Follow Up to ensure that they got your package. (Remember, even if they didn’t use your stuff they SAW it and how have a brand name in mind)
  4. Keep an eye out for your item(s) to show up in any photos.

I hope my story on how to get your brand to celebrities and on tv has shed some light on the topic and has given some of you another route to get your product in the hands of a celebrity. Please share your thoughts in the comments and let us know if you’ve had any success. Below is a pic of one of our shirts being worn on television.


Jharrel Jerome in Alqemy Tank Top How To Get Your Brand To Celebrities AND On TV?


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