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Early on in life I, Brendon James, the Founder of Alqemy Apparel was Homeless, and although I don’t remember much about that time (I was 3) I can only imagine how hard it was for my mom. After all, she did have 5 other children to take care of. Now the particulars about how we came to be in such a situation, I can not go into but it wasn’t the last time I found myself back in a shelter. Fast forward to late 2015. I had just gotten out of the Army and moved to Houston to go to school. Due to the school blatantly lying about housing in the area and my lack of research of the school I found myself bouncing between a motel room, my truck and the shelter. Oh s&*! I couldn’t believe what I was going through, and if it weren’t for some very very nice people (Denise and Tim Lord) that took me in, things could have gotten a lot worse.

But it was during that time of homelessness that I was able to gain a different level of humility about myself and start to see things from the viewpoint of a “bum” as I was rudely called one day outside of the shelter. The looks, stares, mumbles and sometimes not so shy words that came from peoples mouths was a lot to take in. Especially since all I really wanted was a little help, a good direction and some kind words. Ever since that day more than ever I’ve wanted to give back to the people in need and show them that they are loved. How many times have YOU walked down the street or stopped at a light and avoided a homeless persons eye contact? We’ve all done it honestly, which is why I’ve come up with a system to give those people their powers back.

Enter the “Super Hero Bag”! That’s right you read that correctly the first time. Alqemy Apparel has pledged to donate a “Super Hero Bag” to a homeless person for each item sold, no matter the price. The “Super Hero Bag” will contain various toiletries, a gift card, water, a letter of encouragement and various information about educational programs, housing job programs. I sincerely feel that TOGETHER we can really do a lot of good in peoples lives. We can be the faithful “Side Kick” that gives the “Super Hero” their utility bag so that they can take flight again. Our first live event giving out the bags will be on May 4th 2018 in Richmond, VA at 9WG Studios from 5pm to 830 pm. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out. Til this day I still give thanks for my “Side Kicks” Denise and Tim Lord and with everyones help we can start giving other “Super Heroes” their capes back.

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